Secret recipes: yay or nay?

There was an interesting post today about secret recipes over on the Kitchn. I found the comments very interesting and thought I would ask some of the same questions over here. (I actually thought that a similar topic had been discussed here before but couldn't find anything specificially about people's opinions on the matter.)

It seemed that there was some correlation between age and those who supported or were against secret recipes. One poster also pointed out there was a distinct difference between sharing a secret recipe with close friends and family members and coworkers or mere acquaintances.

So... do you have a "secret recipe"? Do you plan on keeping it secret forever, sharing it with only one person, or passing it down through your family? Would you ever withhold an ingredient from a recipe you were sharing so that it wasn't "just like yours"? Do you even believe in "secret recipes"?

I'm only 19 and growing up there was no concept of keeping recipes "secret" that were in our immediate family. We have no problem sharing recipes within our family and with friends -- that's actually where a lot of our most favorite recipes come from! On the same note, I understand the hesitation to give away a treasured family recipe to a neighbor at a party. It might make it less special. On no occasion, though, would I alter the recipe I gave to someone. I'd rather just not share it at all. I think food is meant to be shared - it's as simple as that.

What do you think?


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