Pizza In/Around Little Falls, NJ

First, I scrolled through the NJ section of the Pizza tab and didn't find much, if anything, very close to me. I'm not too familiar with that part of SE.

I've heard conflicting reviews of Sun Ray Pizza, a takeout-only joint which has been around for a long time and which seems to specialize in Sicilian style pizza. Some people swear by it and some think it's very middling. Has anyone on SE tried it?

I've heard generally good things about Pizza 46, which serves a rather thin-crust pizza and many different kinds of it. I'm leaning toward them for my next pizza experience.

Any other pizza joints worth trying in or near Little Falls, NJ? (I live in North Caldwell.) I'm thinking about fried calamari lately, too. (Versailles Diner in Fairfield serves it and sometimes it's great and sometimes it's really not -- seems to depend which cook is in at any given time.)

I apologize in advance if this is too local for y'all!


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