October Food Vacation

My husband and I are finally taking our very belated honeymoon in October. We are going to go for one week sometime during the first three weeks in October. My husband and I love to eat (and I love to bake and cook!) and we would like to go somewhere that we can eat well and have plenty to do. We're not 'lounge on the beach' type people. We'd like to stay within the US or Canada. We have no preference as to where within these places. If we go somewhere in the South East or North East we will likely drive. If we go anywhere else I would like to be able to utilize public transit so we don't have to rent a car. Other things we want: great accommodations, great seafood, festivals, museums, street food, specialty shopping and/or spas would all be great pluses. We are also not opposed to making several stops. Please help us Serious Eats community! We have looked at so many options we are having a hard time choosing--where have you been that has been a great vacation in the fall. (Just FYI some of the things we have thought about are New England, specifically Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod, Philadelphia, San Fran, DC--but we are open and want great new ideas that have been road tested and approved!)


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