menu help for a 4-day reunion

I have family -lots of 'em -coming in next week from out of state for 4 days- which means food for all 3 meals each day for 18 people. The group includes 10 children ages 2-18, though they're not picky eaters (thank God). Everyone's willing to pitch in, but I want to leave time to do things besides cook all day while they're here.

To say I am panicked is an understatement. Breakfast and lunch I'm ok - big boxes of cereal and fresh fruit, togurt, bagels, hot dogs, egg salad, etc - but it's coming up with 4 dinner menus that aren't fussy or will break the bank, but are filling and enjoyable. So far I'm thinking hot meatball subs & potato salad, the obvious hamburgers and hot dog combo, maybe pulled pork in a few crockpots, Texas sheet cake, etc but after that I get brain freeze. My big trip to BJ's in Albany will be Saturday morning...probably a two-carter.

Any ideas..? Thanks in advance.


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