"Let Me Show You How to Make Risotto".....

If you watch "The Next Food Network Star" and saw this week's episode, you will know what I'm talking about.

The cringe-inducing moment when Wolfgang Puck removes himself from the dinner table to tell contestant Jill, "This is not a risotto, please come into the kitchen with me and I'll show you how to make risotto!" Jill humbly follows him into the kitchen where, in more cringe worthy embarrassment, Wolfgang Puck proceeds to make a new risotto in front of the other contestants.

I was floored and amused at the same time. On the tons of cooking shows I've watched, I've never seen a chef get up and actually accompany someone back to the kitchen to redo a dish! I think I would pass out! As an aspiring chef, there can't be anything more embarrasing! Or is there?? Any cringe-worthy moments you've seen or experienced yourself?


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