Is it all in my mind?!

Is it all in my mind?!

Hi all,

Since I'm all grown up now, I've decided to take some responsibility in how I move through this world. One big change that I've made is how I eat. I decided to just buy organic veggies and fruit, no processed foods, sustainable seafood and only grass-fed, cage-free meats and dairy. I made this change not only for health reasons, but for environmental and cruelty-free animal reasons.

Since making this change, my grocery bill has increased substantially, and my meat intake has decreased. I'm OK with this because now I'm exploring fun and different ways with cooking more vegetarian dishes. However, I've noticed that foods taste different now. Organic dairy foods taste more milky, and meats taste, I don't know, cleaner? Not as pronounced? I find that beef tastes familiar, but different. I love the way the fat tastes (my favorite is bone-in ribeye), it's not flabby, but well-defined and tasty. In addition, ground beef tastes different. Maybe I'm missing the fat? And chicken seems more meaty, and not so funky. I also noticed that the whites of eggs are not watery, but thick. I haven't decided if the tastes are better or not yet. I guess I have to get used to these foods. At the end of the day, I'm OK with this changed lifestyle, but I was wondering if you guys find taste differences with these organic, sustainable, cage-free and sustainable foods.


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