Help! My oven is broken!

My oven recently broke (elements only, the stovetop still works) and the repair people said we would have to send our control panel away for inspection to see if it could be repaired. This means we would be completely range-less (both oven and stovetop) for a minimum of 1 week, if not longer.

We've been putting it off for a few weeks now, but we really need to just bite the bullet and do it. Going without an oven has been do-able, but I don't know how I'm going to last without burners for 7+ days. We have a bbq (but it doesn't have any outdoor burner, just the bbq) and a microwave.

I'm looking for suggestions on ways to plan for a week or more without my range. I don't mind bbq'ed meat and veggies, but I don't think I can do it for days on end. Any recipes I can prepare in advance using my burners, and store for later use, that are reheatable in either the microwave or on the bbq?


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