Culinary No Fly Zones

What are your culinary no fly zones?

I'm not talking about things you've tried and disliked, but the things that you can't even bring yourself to try out. For instance, I detest pretty much every kind of mushroom known to man, but I know this because I have tried a wide variety of mushrooms prepared in many different ways. Mushrooms and me? Not a happy pairing. But it comes from knowledge and experience. Same thing goes for: tripe, asparagus, and, well, a few other things. I don't need to bore you with my personal dislikes.

On the other hand, I have never been able to bring myself to actually try escargot. It might be that if I could get past the mental block of eating a garden pest, I would love it. Perhaps not. The point is, I can't even get myself to try. That's my no fly zone.

Do you have a culinary no fly zone? What is it? Did you have one in the past that you've managed to get past?


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