Bulk Adventures

This week a very nice man with a truck stopped by my work and asked if anyone around wanted to help him by taking some 'very ripe' fruit off of his hands for very little money. I jumped on the opportunity IMMEDIATELY. I ran and got my wallet, ran outside, and saw two cases of peaches, a case of cantaloupes, and a very sizable watermelon on the sidewalk by the door. He said 'Per tutto questo, solo 10 euro! Vuoi che ti aiuti a metterla in macchina? Oppure dentro?' (For all this, only 10 euros! Do you want me to help you put them in the car? Or inside?) So on my lunch break I ended up skinning, halving, and pitting all of those peaches and deseeding/breaking down the watermelon and cantaloupes. I was pretty crapped by the time I got back to work.

What are some of your adventures in buying-in-bulk-dom? Ever get in over your head? Get so tired of eating something that you bought 10lbs of and needed to get through in a hurry that you never ate it again? Forget you bought 3lbs of apricots and go on vacation only to come home to find that they've grown hair and legs and formed a government on your counter-top?


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