Avoiding a Restaurant Due to a Misunderstanding...??

I love pizza, and my favorite style has to be Neapolitan. I love that thin, cracker like crust and just perfect amount of toppings....I have tried on numerous occasions to get my father (who also loves pizza) to go to one of the best places near me for Neapolitan pizza and only once did he reluctantly go to it. However, this was without me, and just with my mother...both of them were totally unfamiliar with that style of pizza and ended up coming home and telling me that they didn't like it. Now, these are the parents that had Friday night pizza night for *years* when I was a kid. I thought, "how could they not like pizza?" Well, this was a few years ago, and on Sunday for some reason the subject was brought up again. I asked my father why he didn't like the pizza and he finally said that there wasn't enough meat on it....and that it didn't fill him up, eating only a few slices of it.....A few slices? Oh, dear. Apparently, my parents had ordered *one* pizza to share, thinking that that was how you ordered, and they both ended up starving! Well, no wonder they felt that they didn't get a good deal and haven't tried that since!

So, has this ever happened to you? You, someone that you know, has avoided a food/restaurant because of a misunderstanding like that? It must happen to others, surely....


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