Annoying Lunch Habits of Coworkers

Does anyone else work with an inconsiderate jerk that is too lazy to practice good public eating habits? Maybe they insist on reheating fish in the company microwave everyday, or perhaps you have a lunch thief, or maybe you've got one of these:

The Audible Eater: This particular jerk talks to himself constantly throughout the day, but especially at lunch. He'll 'hmm' and 'aw' at whatever the heck he's reading online, and remark on the inadequacy of his meal. However, what really gets me is that he chews with his mouth open, smacking his lips and making me cringe with disgust. Then every single day after he finishes masticating his feed bag he'll whip out a pack of those super hard pretzels, takes him about 20 minutes to gnaw his way through them. All of it drives me crazy, I can't explain it and I can't escape it.

Please share so I can silently laugh myself through this unending day.


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