Why did I even bother asking?

So, I am going to the extended family's fathers' day celebration. My mama raised me right so I asked what I could bring. The hostess said a veggie platter "because you did such an awesome job last time!" All I did was cut up some veggies and threw them on a plate with ranch. Whoop de doo. All they ever ask me to bring is veggies. And most of them don't even eat anything close to a fresh vegetable! To add insult to injury, the food that other people will bring will be things like sushi from costco, salami and cheese cubes, mushy soy sauce marinated chicken tenders, meat balls (if we're lucky with jarred gravy rather than grape jelly), doritos, and any other premade/unnatural/no-effort food you can think of. I can cook. I cook great food. And I'm bringing veggies. Should I ask to bring something else? Is there some way to make this more exciting? Does this happen to you?


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