Weekend Cook and Tell: Freezer Cuisine

Welcome to Weekend Cook and Tell. Every Wednesday we page through the food sections of various national newspapers in search of inspiration for a weekend cooking project. We hope you'll cook along with us and share your experiences, recipes, and photos here.

This week Deena Prichep of The Oregonian delved into the world of frozen burritos figuring out that they can actually be pretty great if (and that's a big if) you make them yourself. Spending a few hours once every month or so yields a freezer full of tasty homemade burritos that are healthy, cheap, convenient, and most importantly, tasty.

For this week's challenge we want to hear about the defrost-able meals that pack your freezers. A stocked freezer can be a wonderful asset, especially when it comes to getting food on the table without a whole lost of effort. Are you one of those savvy plan ahead cooks who has trays on lasagna ready to go for nights when cooking is out of the question? Do you have a cache of stocks and soups? Are there single servings of pesto hanging out next to the Häagen-Dazs ready to be tossed into a pile of penne at a moment's notice?

Show us photos of your defrosted delicacies on Photograzing (make sure to include "Cook and Tell" in your submission title), and tell us about your recipes here! If you'd like to blog the experience, please leave a link in the comments below. We'll post a round-up of your freezer filling recipes, ideas, and experiences next Wednesday.

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