Tips for perfectly grilled whole fish?

My husband and I have been on a quest to make some delicious grilled fish. For starters we have a gas grill. No fish basket as of yet (is that necessary?). We are usually grilling striped bass, trout, etc. I love the crisp salty skin that some of those good Greek restaurants can get, which is what I am trying to mimic.

The inside of the fish is stuffed with lemon, aromatics, herbs, etc. We usually slit the skin in a few places and then rub the whole thing down with some oil and salt. We put the fish on after the grill had heated to about 430 or so, threw the fish on, then kept the grill open and lowered the heat to medium-medium low. We have tried it both directly on the grill grate and on foil with no success. It always becomes a slaughter--the skin gets stuck, its impossible to flip and we usually end losing some. Much swearing ensues. Fish usually tastes decent but is lacking that crunchy skin I am looking for.

Any tips on how to improve this process?


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