Time on my hands- which recipes should I conquer?

Being a student, the summer months actually give me time to cook dishes that may be more challenging and/or time consuming. What dishes do you think are worthy of being considered a "challenge" to master? Doesn't necessarily have to be 30 steps long. It could be a simple two step, 3 ingredient sauce or dish, but I'm just looking for classics that people usually take short cuts around or don't attempt at home (traditional tagiatelle a la bolognese comes to mind, or maybe the perfect apple pie).

Small caveat: I'm currently living in Europe for about 2 and a half months on a summer internship, and am renting a dorm room from a local university. This means that I have the BASIC cooking supplies (i.e. basically just a stove/oven), and I'm less than willing to buy a ton of pantry staples such as flour, sugar, etc. that I won't be able to finish and will have to go to waste when I leave.


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