Okay, I've seen the koolaid, but I have not drank it, and at $1400 I am hesitant to even sip it. Yet, I must ask, has anyone here used a Thermomix and have an opinion about it?

I have watched the videos and came to the conclusion that the tools I already have seem to do everything it does, albeit in more space. And, I have a suspicion that the Thermomix is like the all-in-one printer/scanner/fax/copier of the food world: it does a few things well, a lot of things mediocre, and something will break first that will make you toss the whole thing out.

If you are wondering what I am talking about, here is an old WSJ article on it:

I am open to all opinions, from those who have used it, those who own one, those who have a friend with one, those who have seen it online, and those who have never seen one before but want to shout out their opinion. However, please let me know which category you fit into, so I can evaluate your answer in that light.

And if you are a Thermomix salesman, please either be honest about it or don't be obvious about it, but don't be sneaky and try to pass yourself off as the opinion of "just another user".



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