The reality for truly poor on food stamps

There was an article on SE, from within the past 2 years on how students could use food stamps, and one user discussed being on food stamps, and how they used them to purchase what accounted for 2 rather expensive dinners made from ingredients purchased at a Whole Foods, plus the snack items they got with what was left. The article seems to have disappeared from the SE site, it's no longer retrievable via the search function.. I went looking for it, after I spoke with someone I know who had applied and finally received their EBT (food stamp) card yesterday, and the amount she is allotted on the food stamp card is $34.65 per month. That's right, less than thirty five dollars for an entire month, less than ten dollars per week. She asked why it was so little, as her earnings aren't enough to live on, and was told that the Obama administration had cut a total of $40. per individual, per month from the food stamp program, to pay for Michelle Obama's, 'Let's Move' program, and one other program, since 2010. Programs that don't actually provide nutrition, merely talk about them, from the administration that feasts upon $150.00 per pound wagyu beef, and blows $10 million on parties per year. Let them eat cake seems to be a philosophy this administration embraces, because while obesity is a problem, it is an extremely small problem, the truly major problem has been one for more than a decade, the New England Journal of Medicine has been reporting that the US has larger numbers of malnutrition and anemia than during the Great Depression.

She's single, no kids, is earning under $900. per month, barely able to pay rent, utilities, & bus fare never mind groceries of any kind, so it's rather sick to see this administration giving away food stamps to college students to supplement their college's food plans. The only remaining discussion on SE on food stamps are regarding being able to use them at Costco and at farmer's markets, but for the truly poor they can't afford produce


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