The $517 Burger that's totally worth it!!!

Flight from JFK to LAX =$500

Burger at Comme Ca in West Hollywood =$17

Having meaty,cheesy burger juice dripping down to your elbows while scarfing down the best burger ever = PRICELESS

Sorry,I've been out of the loop for a long time...been lurking just too busy to write...but I couldn't resist telling everyone about this burger that has been reviewed on AHT california-ca.html .

I've had Spotted Pig,Corner Bistro,BLT,Shack Shack,etc. Nothing comes close to how perfect this burger is. This burger is worth flying to Los Angeles for the experience.

On a separate note..I went to Umami Burger..had the signature burger as well as the SoCal...both were delicious,but really,it's not a burger. Each component (the caramelized onions,mushrooms,homemade ketchup) were individually amazing but completely overpowers the meat with it's bold flavors. However, I can't blame them for it since they did call it an Umami Burger....I think it's more of an Umami Sandwich

I also went to brunch @ BLD Restaurant in West Hollywood. Holy crap was it great. I had their famous ricotta blueberry pancakes which were great but I also had the "Ode to Butterfield's" -thinly sliced flatiron steak, poached eggs, cabernet sauvignon hollandaise on house made english muffin. Probably my favorite bfast dish ever!!!

The Cabernet Hollandaise was frigin' amazing...don't miss it if you're in LA.


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