Schwarzwald- Eating Destinations in the Black Forest

I am spening a long weekend in the Black Forest in southern Germany next week. I am definitely going to try specialties of the region, like the famous Black Forest Cake.

I am looking for recommendations for foods to try, restaurants/cafes/bars/hole-in-the-walls, etc. Also, what kind of food souvenirs should I bring back? (I am going "back" to Goettingen, Germany for 4 weeks after the trip, and then to the US, so I can get food souvenirs that are illegal to bring back to the US. I'll just eat it before I go back home)

I will be in the "Suedlicher Schwarzwald", the southern portion around Freiburg, Titisee-Neuestadt, and Triberg. If you know of a great little village/town that I should visit, please mention that too!


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