Questions on pickling garlic scapes

The scapes arrived at my local farmer's market this weekend. We picked up three bunches that had a dozen scapes to a bunch. The plan is to use one bunch for garlic scape pesto and two bunches for pickling tomorrow afternoon.

This will be my first time pickling scapes. I have seen a number of recipes on-line, but I have some questions.

1. Some recipes say to use only the straight part of the scape, but some recipes say you can use the whole scape. Any opinions? Experiences?

2. A number of the hot process recipes I have found call for 45 minutes of processing, which seems like an awfully long time. (They all seem to come from one source.) I just pickled asparagus two weeks ago and those processed for only ten minutes; the pickled scape recipes in the books I have around the house (Canning for a New Generation and Put 'Em Up) call for 15 minutes of processing. Can I safely change the recipe to process for 15 minutes?

3. Some foods do better as refrigerator pickles and some do better in a hot water bath. What are your views on refrigerator pickling of the scapes versus hot water processing?

4. One of the recipes that appeals calls for fresh basil leaves in each jar. I have used an assortment of fresh peppers and dried herbs in pickling, but never fresh basil. Will it turn an unappetizing color?

As always, thanks in advance for your help on this!!


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