Pie help

I'm getting weddinged on Saturday and I am planning on having pie as our dessert. One is blueberry and one is apple, both are in deep ceramic dishes(freezer and oven safe). I have never frozen a pie before so that's whole new territory for me.

Would it be better to bake the pies Thursday afternoon and keep them in the fridge until I serve them on Saturday afternoon?


Would it be better to make them Thursday morning, freeze them, and then have someone else bake them Saturday morning so they're fresh for Saturday afternoon?

I kind of don't trust other people to bake them for me, but I feel like it might be the better option. I've never had pie last more than a day so I don't know if 2 day old pie is ok or not. I did a dry run of my recipes, but I didn't think to test out how long they'd be tasty or what freezing would do to them...

Opinions? Tips on freezing/refrigerating?


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