Need a crab cake recipe that reheats well in the oven, please.

Here's the deal, guys and I hope one of you can help. My son-in-law is in hospice thanks to a brain tumor, and currently, his only pleasure is good food. He's mostly paralyzed in a hospital bed in his living room, but has some use of one hand, and can still chew and swallow. He was a wonderful cook, and my right-hand man when we'd smoke briskets all night.

One day a week I care for him and their two pre-schoolers so my stepdaughter can keep her part-time job. I try to make the meals that day "restaurant quality" as much as I can under the circumstances. But I can't really stand over a frying pan full of crab cakes with the small kids loose.

Generally I make things at home, and reheat them there, or grill outside. Do you have a good crab cake recipe that doesn't get greasy when reheated? Or one that I can bake, not fry, that's still terrific? I have a pound of jumbo lump Maryland blue crab, and was thinking about serving it to him on a good roll, with remoulade sauce. My usual crab cake is George Perrier's, that has a cream and shrimp puree as the binder, but it's not so wonderful reheated.



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