Lemon Dessert Help

My dad asked me to make lemon squares for his birthday/father's day this weekend. The last time I made lemon squares I winged it and combined a recipe for shortbread bars (which I normally fill with jam) and lemon curd. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but the lemon curd bubbled out of the middle and burnt, leaving very few edible pieces of lemon squares. If I try the same combination again, I think I'll use 2/3 of the shortbread on the bottom, cook until almost golden, add the curd and the remaining shortbread as a topper. Hopefully this way the curd won't be in the oven long enough to burn.

Does this sound like a better approach? Or does anyone have a killer lemon square recipe they'd like to share? Or a great lemon meringue pie recipe? My grandmother used to make those all the time when she was alive so I know my dad would appreciate one of those also.


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