Interesting ideas to use up my surplus of garden greens?

My lover and I planted a garden this year, and didn't do very good planning on the lettuce bits. We planted everything at once, which means that about 2 weeks ago, our raised beds were overflowing with ripe arugula, mixed greens, spinach, and romaine. Not to mention the herbs (salad burnet, sorrel, sage, cilantro, stevia...). Back when we were planting, I was happily imagining a spring/summer of coming home from work to a delicious, fresh salad night after night.

However, after 2 weeks of doing just that, and even with my mad homemade dressing skillz, we're a little burnt out. Is there anything else y'all could suggest to make with mixed greens besides regular ol' salad? I'd welcome any unconventional salad ideas as well as ways to incorporate greens into other meals.

Most of the arugula has been harvested, and I'm making some saag paneer tonight to hopefully use up a good portion of our abundance of spinach. I'm not too worried about the herbs, as I tend to use them every time I cook, and there aren't 5 plants of each herb fighting for space.

Sooo...interesting applications for gourmet mixed greens? I've heard you can grill romaine hearts...


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