How many fridges and freezers do you have? Or want? Or use?

I was in a new sample, huge house with 3 under-counter fridges in the kitchen, a rapid freeze drawer, and a big fridge / freezer plus an upright freezer in the walk-in pantry. I love to go to real estate open houses, but this one had a really crazy kitchen. The house designer must be a food-person, lol. Even for me, I think this is over the top. I'd never remember which drawer had what in it, and be opening and closing...

I have a fridge / freezer in the kitchen (smaller than I'd have liked, but the house is old and we have height constraints), another fridge / freezer in the basement, along with an upright freezer. It seems like a lot, but we regularly feed a lot of people, and have a good sized garden from which I freeze and can. We also buy most of our meat and poultry in bulk locally, so we store a lot of frozen meats.

I'm happy with my arrangement; it's just right for the way we cook and eat.

How about you?


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