Homemade custard based ice cream with blender?

If anyone's ever made custard-based ice cream, or 'frozen custard', you'll know what I'm talking about. The whole.... scald-the-cream-in-sauce-pan-then-pour-just-a-portion-of-it-into-the-egg-mixture-and-then-back-into-cream-and-stew-over-again routine. Cream is heated to cook at the same rate as the yolks and the whole mixture is heated again to... make custard I presume? Way too time-consuming, not to mention requires constant stiring and attention. Is this altogether necessary? Well, what if you were after the eggy, yolky flavor in your ice cream but not so much custardy texture? Assuming pasteurized eggs are used, why not just blend away the egg yolks & sugar while pouring scalded cream in a thin stream much like blender hollandaise? You could scald the cream in a microwave oven which renders use of sauce pan and stove obsolete. You also won't to chisel away at burnt milk solids along the side of your pan. The whole process shouldn't take any more than 5 minutes? Would it make a huge difference in final texture? Please share your thoughts.


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