Help! Need a cupcake recipe that will keep.

I offered to help a friend make cupcakes for her sister's baby shower, which turned into me offering to make them before she was able to tell me when the shower was. The problem is not that I have to make them by myself (I like the repetitive detail of decorating several dozen themed cupcakes!), it's that she finally told me when the shower is, and it's a week after I leave for a Maine vacation.

I've looked at some of my favorite cupcake recipes and they're not super clear on whether or not they'll keep. In the past, most of the cupcakes I've made have gone stale after about a week. So I turn to you, Serious Eaters:

What's the best way to go about this? Bake cupcakes and freeze them for the week? If I make very moist cupcakes, can they just be refrigerated for that amount of time? And, less urgently, should I decorate them and freeze/refrigerate, or make all the components separately and let my friend assemble them the day of the party? Please feel free to offer any recipes you might have that store well, too.

PS -- this, or something similar, will be the design of the cupcakes: A Baked Creation: Owl Baby Shower Cupcakes. (Aren't they cute?)


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