Help! French Macaron fail!

I tried to make french macarons this weekend and after the 1st recipe flopped, I tried again. And failed. The 1st time, they didnt even rise, just looked like teeny meringue pancakes. The 2nd time, they did rise, but were raw inside and resembed meringue way more than macarons. Here's how I did it both times, can someone tell me where I went wrong? I live in Florida so maybe the humidity affected it? I also piped it using a ziploc with the bottom cut out bc i had no tips. Maybe thats why?

1st time: per a recipe whipped the heck out of the (5 oz) egg whites, sugar, and salt, folded in (sifted) almond flour/powdered sugar (4 oz almond, 8 oz sugar) at once. piped, rapped pan on counter to remove air. baked at 300 for 16 min (they were long flattened by the 8th minute).

2nd time: per another recipe, whipped 3 1/4 oz egg whites less, but still with peaks. Added pinch of tarter, slowly adding in 2 tbs granulated sugar. added dry ingredients (4 oz almond, 7 oz powdered sugar) in 3 batches. piped macarons, rapped on counter, let sit for 30 min to create "shell" which never formed :( baked @ 325 for 10 min.


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