Help! Curdled eggs for ice cream

I am making my first batch of ice cream and followed a modified David Lebovitz recipe I found on a blog.

I tempered my eggs before adding them to the rewarmed milk, put them on a low-medium heat, stirring constantly. The directions said to bring it up to 170-175 on an instant read, and not to let it boil. It started to slowly boil at about 100-120 and I couldn't get it to stop by adjusting to a lower heat. There was no way I could get it to 170 or even close. Of course, the eggs curdled and all my hard work was ruined.

I need to try another batch this morning for a bbq later today, but want to know why this happened. I have tried to look on-line for some secrets but as far as I could tell, I followed all of them I could find.

I had a nightmare last night that I tried a second batch and curdled them too!

Any advice?


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