Green Village Packing Co.

The Green Village Packing Co. of Green Village, N.J. provides meats and provisions to many restaurants in the area. Located in Green Village, which I believe is a section of Chatam, they have a slaughterhouse on the premises and butcher and process all their meats.

While I have not been there yet, someone sent me a package of their German franks. As good a German frank as I've had and that includes Kocher's and Thumann's. I happenned to have a frank from the Union Pork Store (one of my favorites) and some Berks from Reading PA. I sampled all three and preferred the frank from Green Village. Long and thin at 8 to a lb, it had an excellent snap, texture, and most of all flavor. I wish I had a Kocher's and Thumann's to compare.

I spoke with Bill Kleemeyer whose family owns Green Village. He told me that the franks are pork/beef with a little more pork than beef. While these franks are purchased by delis most of their business is supplying meats to restaurants and other customers. In fact they supply Kocher's with the meats they use.

Green Village franks are top of the line and go for $4.19 a lb which is reasonable. Thumann's and Kocher's are about $5.99 per lb. The animals are slaughtered there, the meat is butchered, processed, and made into hot dogs. Can't get any fresher.

Someone from Serious Eats should check out this place. I'd love to see their franks featured as "Hot Dog of the Week"


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