Gender Reveal Parties...Fun or WTF?

I thought this was an interesting concept for how to put the "surprise" back into the gender of an unborn baby - something that has become clinical and based on what color to paint the baby's room.

Gender Reveal Parties begin by having the obstetrician put the baby's gender in a sealed envelope. The envelope is presented to a baker who bakes a cake in pink or blue, hidden by fondant. The news is shared with guests at the party when the parents cut the cake to expose its inner color.

I started thinking of all kinds of cute hors d'oeuvres that could be served as well - any kind of baby veggie with dip or breaded and fried (frito misto), baby lamb chops, pigs in blankets made with garlicky kosher dogs and puff pastry... Anything in miniature would really work.



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