England! Where should I eat and -above all- what to bring back!

Hello everyone! I feel kind of awful for asking about this because... I'm a British citizen. And an American citizen. Mostly American. Okay, I was born and raised here to a wonderfully lovable British father. Unfortunately it's been almost five years since I've visited my family over there and now (gasp) I'll be on a plane destined for heathrow in less than a month! So, this is what I need help with. The last time I was in England I was very sadly neither a foodie or a cook at a restaurant so I have absolutely no idea of where to eat and, of course, far more importantly what to bring back with me. I'll be staying in Swindon for the majority of my trip but I'm planning on going to as many areas (London included of course) as I can while there. Is there anyone out there who could give me a few pointers?

Much thanks in advance!

- Eve


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