Can the UK produce good street/fast food

After waking up this morning with a mouth that felt as though i had spent the night trying to drink the ocean, (how much salt is actually necessary in a pizza??) i began wondering why on the whole are UK take aways so bad? we have an amazing tradition of producing world class chefs, we have the worlds finest restaurants and our cuisine is at the top of the pile when it comes to michelin stars yet our street food and fast food is beneath the bottom of the barrel. Does anyone have any good stories? Is there anywhere in the UK that makes a perfect pizza? Perhaps we have the best little burger bar hidden somewhere? I was going to ignore Fish and Chips because my first thoughts were that was a given but even that is falling away. Perhaps some of our American cousins have something to add on this? Lets avoid using the chains as examples if possible simply because a Dominos in Devon should taste exactly the same as one from Aberdeen. Also, don't forget its street food and fast food so maybe its the best jacket spud and cheese ever or some amazing noodle vendor somewhere. Look forward to reading your responses


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