5 days in Colorado Springs - where to eat?

I will be in Colorado Springs for a big conference at the end of July, and the conference ends the day before my birthday. I've never been, and am looking for good stuff to eat.

I will be staying at a hotel by Circle Dr. and Janitell Rd., and all I see in that area are the usual suspects - McDonald's, Burger King, Fazoli's, Chili's, Arby's, etc.

Now, here's the problem - I will not have a car available to me, but I am more than willing to use the bus system or walk a considerable way for a non-chain meal.

Is there anything quintessentially Colorado Springs that I must try? Any good, locals-only places for breakfast? I'm looking to keep it under $15 per meal, if that helps. Decent farmers markets, places that deliver to my area, good pizza - I'm not that picky, but I don't want to resort to the chains.

Any help is appreciated, and I thank you all in advance.


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