Trying to figure out a ravioli recipe

I don't know if figuring out this recipe is possible, but if anyone can do it, it's you guys. My dad really misses my grandmother's ravioli. I'd like to surprise him with as close a replication as possible for father's day, but sadly, when my grandmother died, we weren't able to find any of her old recipes. To make matters even more complicated, I've never even tasted these ravioli, so all I can do is go off of a description. I know it's a meat ravioli (probably beef) with lemon in the filling (I don't know if this is juice or zest or what). Also, my grandmother was Polish, though my grandfather was Italian and I guess it's possible she got the recipe from his side of the family, and my dad clearly called them ravioli rather than pierogi. I know my dad will eat any homemade pasta and be perfectly content, but the closer I can get to my grandmother's recipe, the better! Thanks!


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