Ridiculous Protein

Okay, so I like imitation bacon bits, so sue me.

I was gnawing on some the other morning (they were particularly "fresh" so I ended up eating the whole bottle) when I noticed that there were 3 grams of protein per serving, and 11 servings per 2.8 ounce bottle.

So after finishing off the salty tube I ended up with 33 grams of protein, which isn't a terrible breakfast. (The sodium's not QUITE as bad as you might expect; only half the daily RDA.) And just 330 calories for the jar.

After all, these are basically Textured Vegetable Protein soy flakes, dyed red and flavored. So I think it could be worse.

Anyone else have some interesting and completely ridiculous protein choices? Strange animal parts? Questionable dairy products? Odd legume formations?


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