mid-night potato salad

i chose to put out this recipe because its simple, and very traditional of us down here in deep south texas. usually, when there is a potluck party i need to attend, i volunteer to bring this whimsical potato salad. its cute, easy and fun to make, and doesn't require all that mumbo-jumbo to your knee grocery list stuff..so tonite, i am making my simply infamous tater salad for a potluck we're having at school tomorrow. right now, i am boiling the potatoes, and i've already chopped up my celery. i called it a mid-night potato salad cause well! look what time it is!? and im barely boiling them taters! so my question... what kind of other ingredients, (spicy, fruity, etc...) would you add to this or your own potato salad? and give it a funky name too, like mine!

Total Time:  20 mins Active Time:  15 mins Number Serves:  20 Equipment:  mixing bowl, pot, spoon, stovetop


5 lb bag of potatoes(any type desired), mayonnaise (real mayo preferred), yellow mustard, dill relish, celery, pimento, eggs, salt, pepper, paprika


1).start off by washing your potatoes and boiling them until firm but not too mushy; while they are boiling, you can chop up your celery into small dices, about 4 stalks should be sufficient...2).then when your potatoes are almost done boiling, you can add about 6 to 8 eggs into the boiling water where the potatoes are "jacquzzin' it"....the eggs will take about 15 mins or so to boil, when they are done, turn off the potato & egg steamin action, drain water and let cool until no longer hot. 3). when the potatoes have cooled down, begin peeling them and set them aside for chopping. You can chop them into squared cubes as big or small as you like, toss them in your bowl, and then for the egg crackin! 4).de-shell your hard-boiled eggs, and dice them with or without the yolk, (its up to you) please save at least 2 to 3 of the eggs for later decor..5). after everything has been chopped up, toss the potatoes, egg, and celery into your bowl, along with 2 tablespoons of relish. add about 1 1/2 cups of mayo, 2 tablespoons of mustard, and 1 tablespoon of pimento for color...of course add in salt and pepper to your taste, and a few sprinkles of paprika. then gently toss up all of your yummy ingredients until mixed well. 6.) now for the grand finale, the last 3 eggs that were saved, slice them into crescent shaped moon slices, smooth out your potato salad mixture and layer them in a neat pattern layout that you think is desirable. a few leaves from the celery stalk can be incorporated into the decor as well...and last but not least a few more sprinkles of the lovely paprika! there you have it! a quick and easy, not to many ingredient wonderful delish, potato salad.


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