My family likes to eat, and Eat Out frequently. However, we do have certain food allergies and we need to be careful in our food selections; allergies include seafood and nuts.

Recently, Eating Out at restaurants seems to be more difficult; these are my observations: 1) Seafood used to be relegated to separate areas of a menu, probably as it was a more expensive/exclusive choice. This made it easy to avoid. 2) It may seem to make a menu more gourmet to add seafood into their existing menu choices (i.e. chicken and shrimp Asian salad; this used to be just Asian orange salad with chicken). 3) As restaurants have added seafood to more of their their menus choices, it makes choosing allergy free selections more difficult to make. 4) This means that the customer has to quiz the waiter as to what is in a dish or how is it prepared. Some wait staff seem puzzled at the questions, this makes Eating Out less attractive. 5) Some restaurants fry their shrimp, French fries, and chicken tenders all in the same oil. That means it rules out eating any fried food, even the vegetables.

I recommend separating food selections on menus such as: fish, seafood, fowl, beef, pork, vegetarian, vegan choices. This is similar to how menus at Chinese restaurants are organized.

I appreciate that many menus today mention that certain foods are prepared in areas that there maybe possible exposure to allergens such as nut, peanut, dairy, or eggs.

I love to Eat Out, especially when traveling, I hope to be able to always enjoy good food while Eating Out.


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