Leftover lamb help- storing leftovers without freezer burn!

I have a boneless leg of lamb in the oven Kenji's version with sun-dried tomato pesto smeared in the middle, and I know there is more meat on in than Mr Ecca and I can eat before it goes funky. I am thinking it would be best to cut the roast in half after it cools and freeze half, but I'm not so good on freezing cooked meats and having the results edible. Do I want to just pop it in the food saver or cover it in broth?

Or should I just make something else with the extra that we don't really want to eat this week (Mr Ecca has 2 work dinner meetings this week and we already have leftovers in the fridge to eat up) just cause it will freeze better, like soup? Or something else? I don't cook with lamb often enough to feel comfortable with it.

Any advice would be appreciated cause I don't want to waste this deliciousness with freezer burn!


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