Nowhere to really file this where it fits but I'm hoping SE'ers can help. My beloved black matte KA bit the dust. I attempted to send it back to KA for repair and they claim they cannot fix it. Suspiciously, they offered to sell me a "refurbished" model for X dollars. Yeah, so they told someone else his or her KA was not fixable and they kept it, refurbed it and want to sell it to me. I said, "Return mine."

So I now have a KA that the company claims can't be fixed but I'm still holding out hope. BF would like to find a second hand one, take out the motor and try to replace the motor in my KA.

Yes, I am insanely attached to the thing. I've had it since my daughter was born. She's now 22.5 years old.

So here's my question - does ANYONE know of someone who is a real live Small Appliance Whisperer and can possibly help me by fixing my KA? We can start by posting here and may segue into e-mailing me, FB or calling me on the phone. I would really love to keep my KA. The thing died last year and I can't bring myself to toss it.


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