KitcenAid mixer upgrade worth it?

I was just on Amazon looking at KitchenAid mixers to give as a wedding gift...big mistake because they have what seems to be a great deal on the 600 series that I think I would like to upgrade to. I currently use the Artisan model and I am happy with it but it does seem to struggle at higher speeds and does not seem as speedy at those speeds as it should. Is the 600 series worth buying a new one when mine isn't actually broken (though the pin holding the top on is constantly working it's way out...not a problem as long as I bang it back in on time, but annoying)? I make bread fairly often but tend to knead by hand when I do, but I might make it more if the mixer made a big difference. We'll be getting the Artisan model as the wedding gift but the 600 could make a wonderful anniversary gift for me!


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