It's Harder Than it Looks

Okay, going off of the thread about people being able to do things (culinarily speaking, of course) that others find difficult, I would like to start one on the various things that people, for whatever reason, *cannot* seem to get right, no matter how simple the idea seems to be.

For me, I have a great ability to make a *perfect* cookie every time, and the same goes for pie crusts and muffins and lots of other things. I can even poach eggs perfectly without effort....That being said there are some *basic* things that for some reason, no matter how much I practice, I cannot get right:

Toast (either it's warm bread or blackened - never anything in between; and this is with many different toasters, a frying pan, an oven, and a toaster oven) Omelettes (no idea what happens, but I always end up with scrambled eggs) Quick Breads (they *always* end up uncooked in the middle) Pound Cakes (they usually end up more like very large bricks - I could reshingle my condo with them, I think) Canned Soup (seriously, it scalds every time - no clue what happens; but if I make it from scratch it turns out!)

There are loads more things, but those are the main ones. I will probably add on, what stumps you?


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