Has anyone made Burrata at home?

My husband and I recently discovered burrata and have fallen in love with it. I decided I would try my hand at making at home. Afterall, I have made mozzarella at home with fairly good success and how hard could it be. Turns out harder than I thought. I do sometimes have trouble getting my mozz stretched out enough but not too much and it often comes out firmer than I would like, this made it tough to get the cheese formed and filled before it became tough to seal. Not to mention one of them sprung a leak. And the filling was not nearly as creamy and smooth as I thought it should be. I realize it is probably the kind of thing that improves with practice but I do not want to have to admit defeat and agree with my husband that "you know you can buy that in the store" Does anyone have any helpful hints? I actually haven't even tried it yet, saving it for a cookout tomorrow. Who knows, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised but I am not sure it's worth the cost and effort for something not as good as I can buy at the local market (who must have known we just discovered it because I think they just started carrying it).


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