Do you like getting a cone?

Now that the weather is cooperating, all the ice cream shops in my area (The Beach, in Toronto) have line-ups out the door.

So, strolling along the Queen St East strip this long-weekend, I have noticed an equal split between people who get their ice cream fix with a spoon in a to-go cup, and an actual cone. Mostly, the ladies eat out of a cup, and the kids & men get cones.

I am a gal, and understand the urge to calorie-cut, but when it comes to a summer-time treat, I'm sorta going to enjoy it for real. I always order my ice cream in a waffle cone when available (sometimes dipped in chocolate with nuts).

So what do you prefer? Is your ice cream vessel of choice, in a cup w/ a spoon, or in it's own tasty edible cone...

Waffle cone Wafer cone (pointy or flat based) Pretzel cone Sugar cone ?

Or do you daintily lick away with a spoon & a throw-away cup?


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