Do food trends cycle?

Do you think food trends cycle around like fashion trends do? Granted I've only been paying attention to this sort of thing for a few years now, but it seems like whenever a food personality makes/uses something that was cool in the 80's, (pesto, tiramisu, sun dried tomatoes, I really don't know what else was cool back then, they just always reference the dishes being "retro" when they make them), they act like it's a woefully overdone guilty pleasure dish (unless you are one of the 2 Fat Ladies, then you dig up some old recipe from 1874 named after a Duke or somesuch). I imagine the same is true for dishes like salisbury steak, chicken diane, or beef stroganoff, at one time they were at least respectable and interesting, but are now relegated to "comfort/diner food." Not that there's anything wrong with that. So do food trends recycle or do people just revise old classics? Are there any classics? Is there a food equivalent to the little black dress? In 20ish years do you think molecular gastronomy will seem quaint? Or is food crafting the closest we're going to get to old school food. This might be too many questions for one Talk, I guess we'll just see where the conversation spins.


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