David Chang Strikes Back at Kenji!

After Kenji got charged 5 bucks for a bottle of Mexican Coke at David Chang's new place and blogged about it yesterday, the Changster bit back! Here are his tweets at our man Kenji:

kenji please stick to catering. mexican coke = hard to obtain in nyc + costs $.

maybe if @momofuku & @momomilkbar get sponsored by the terrible National Pork Board as @seriouseats once did we can subsidize our costs?

i see but, @seriouseats essentially attacks on one of my kids, he knows how pricing runs in restaurants, he knows better.

would love to see list of sponsors that have paid @seriouseats, lots of smiles to your face and knives in your back. watch ur back chefs.

funny all this time @seriouseats wants @momofuku @momomilkbar to contribute to their sandwich & cookie hall of fame party this summer...no

The ball is in your court, Kenji!


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