Complaint Trader Joe's brand frozen foods & customer relations

I started doing some shopping at Trader Joe's when they opened stores in my state, after becoming familiar with the chain after reading such glowing recommendations here on SE. I've become less enchanted considering the lower quality of some of their brand items, but hit the ceiling today after seeing first hand what garbage they accept from the Canadian company who make many of their frozen food items, and the insulting response from TJ's so called, "customer relations" after calling corporate this morning.

My daughter likes to take the occasional frozen dinner with her for lunch at work, as a change from the usual sandwich or leftovers, so I'd picked up some of TJ's frozen entrees last week. My daughter kept complaining of the rubberiness of the chicken, and at times wondered if the meat hadn't been all the way cooked through because of the texture, and she said the same thing about the subsequent TJ frozen entrees she took with her this week. Today, I opened the last package at home, prepared it, as per the directions. I plated the cooked contents, so I could see what the problem might be, and upon cutting in half, each of the minuscule pieces of chicken in the portion, that each and every one (approximately 5 pieces about the size of a quarter each) appeared to be the gristly piece one would find, upon cutting the top piece from a chicken leg, where the muscle/gristle attaches the chicken meat to the bone. It's scrap, what the processor would normally throw away when removing meat from the bones to use in a recipe. Not only is this inedible, it's insulting. I contacted TJ's corporate offices, to report this, I had the package with the UPC and other information ready to provide to them, assuming they would wish to look into the matter, but customer relations refused to take the info and look into it. If this is their attitude, I can't trust their other products. Have any of you had anything similar occur with TJ brand products?


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