Coca-Cola Freestyle Review (Coke Flavors)

I just had lunch at Wendy's that had the new Coca-Cola Freestyle fountain with over 100 flavors. I didn't try all the flavors, but I did sample all the flavors of regular Coke except Orange which was out. Here is a quick review of what I had: Cherry: Tasted just like the Cherry Coke you would normally get out of fountain. Very pleasant artificial cherry flavor. Vanilla: Good vanilla flavor and not overpowering. Lime: Very odd tasting. Lime flavor was there, but some other flavor was present that I couldn't identify. Rasberry: The worst of the bunch. Bad artificial rasberry flavor and it was acidic like the ratio of carbonated water/syrup was off. I was disappointed since this was the flavor I was looking forward to the most. Cherry Vanilla: Now onto the best flavor. Very pleasing combination of both flavors. It came out silghtly red and reminded me of Dr Pepper. Coke needs to sell this stuff in cans ASAP.

Has anybody else tried it yet and what are your favorite flavors?


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