Bread Epiphany

I really love good bread. In fact, if I don't have bread in the kitchen, I feel like I have nothing to eat. But I've always simply bought it. And though good bread was preferred, I could always munch down a Dunkin Donuts bagel if caught in a pinch. No problem.

Recently, I have started baking my own bread (no-knead bread forever!!). Hurray! So far, I've been fairly successful with this, and my results have been way better than anything I could imagine. And now, there is usually fresh, homemade bread hanging around , but not last night. So I grabbed a bagel from DD to bring home and make a sandwich.

It tasted like puffed-up cardboard. Never before has it hit me just how tasteless and flavorless the bagels are. Or how awful the texture is! It was like. . . .an epiphany! Never again shall I venture down that path (unless desperate).

Has this ever happened to you? Do you know the exact moment when your epiphany about homemade vs. industrial bread (or some other food) hit you?


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