The hot dog. America's favorite pastime's favorite food. Milling about the downtown Tempe area, one happens upon a plethora of restaurants anywhere from fine dining to food carts. The Mill Avenue area has become a hot spot for new restaurants, bars, and clubs, tending to the Arizona State masses and an extreme variety of foods have come with the huge variety of students. But the food college kids are always craving is bar food: hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, and messy sandwiches. Within these selections there are many hot dog spots claiming to have the best dog in town, but one in particular puts in the effort to make the hot dog experience something worth more than just a ballpark perk. Ted's Hot Dogs, on the corner of McLintock and Broadway, does dogs right: charbroiled. Instead of taking the easy, traditional route of keeping the hot dogs in a vat of boiling water, each hot dog is carefully tended to over red-hot coals to ensure a perfect crisp and smoky flavor to each bite. The cooks gash the dogs like samurai, allow the coals to add flavor throughout. Then come the condiments. Ketchup. Mustard. Relish. Onion. Tomato. Pickle slices. Even chili and cheese, or sauerkraut. Whatever style hot dog the customer wants is available for creation. Ted's originated in New York in 1927, but their hot dogs are far from the New York style. Now Ted's has multiple locations in New York and is one of the most popular hot dog spots in Tempe. Instead of focusing on speed, he focuses on flavor and that's what makes the customers come back for more, even if the line wraps around the restaurant (which is the case every weekend around lunch time). I have braved this line many times and it doesn't phase me, it only makes the experience better as I salivate getting closer to the front of the line. No matter what condiment combo you go with, it will be one of the best hot dogs you've ever tasted. I've gone with the Chicago dog, the Coney Island dog, and even made my own creation


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